Thursday, 15 March 2012 16:11

Will New Hampshire Gay Marriage Be Replaced By Civil Unions?

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State Reublican David Bates, sponsor of a law to repeal gay marriage in New Hampshire, said to want to repeal the marriage but would replace it with civil unions. Who cares about your civil unions!

Just to better pass his bill, he says gay and lesbian couples will have civil unions which are enacted since 2007. We want the same rights, the same statute, the same word, the total equality because there are no reasons that we are considered differently so, even if civil unions can provide the same rights than marriage, it will never replace it.

Next week, the House will study this bill.

According to Seacoastonline, Bates said his amendment will satisfy some critics who have said his original proposal failed to ensure the almost 1,900 existing same-sex marriages would not be affected if the law that took effect in 2010 is repealed. The amendment specifically states their marriages would not be affected. Bates said it would replace the current "illegitimate definition" of marriage with one defining it as between one man and one woman.

A poll had shown voters of New Hamphire do not want the law to be repealed. As for Governor John Lynch who already, on several occasions, said he will ban all attempts to overturn gay marriage in the state.

But the opponents will try to pass the House, then they believe if it passes and is vetoed, they have the votes to sustain a veto. It takes a two-thirds vote of those present and voting to override a veto.