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Tuesday, 09 September 2014 15:25

Will The 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals Repeal Marriage Equality Bans In Idaho, Nevada And Hawaii?

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It took nine days to the judges of the 7th Circuit court of appeals to decide to repeal the prohibitions in Indiana and Wisconsin, will the 9th Circuit court of appeals do better in terms of marriage equality bans of Idaho, Nevada and Hawaii?

Indeed, the bans in Indiana and Wisconsin, which were combined into a single case, had been declared unconstitutional by the panel of judges who had even stated that such bans were threatening "the well-being of American children."

Cases of Idaho, Nevada and Hawaii have begun to be heard in the court of appeals on Monday, September 8.

For now, 19 states have legalized marriage equality and even if there are 31 states with bans, already 14 of these prohibitions have been repealed by the judges.


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