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Tuesday, 01 March 2011 15:52

Wyoming Gay Marriage Bill Waits A Decision

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A bill indicating that gay marriage would not have any value in Wyoming is currently under investigation but with troubles.

The committee of conference of the senators and the representatives failed to agree Monday so another session is organized today, Tuesday, but some members already said that they are not optimistic.

An associated pressassociated press reports that "the Wyoming Senate has amended the House bill to specify that same-sex couples who enter civil unions in other states would have access to the Wyoming court system to resolve any disagreements that arise in their relationships. The House version of the bill wouldn't allow same-sex couples access to the courts."

“The problem with this bill is that the two chambers are so polar opposite," said Rep. Amy Edmonds, leader of the House negotiating team, "It's almost impossible, as you can see from the number of conference committees that we're having, and by the fact that we can't come to a middle ground."

The law of Wyoming defines the marriage as being between a man and a woman but, in the same time, accepts marriages celebrated outside the state.

The House bill was modified recently to specify that couples with a civil union won't be recognized as a married couple but could still access the court in Wyoming.

"The Senate had this whole discussion over civil unions and access to courts, which is a debate that the House never had, which is very different from the House version," Edmonds said. "It's like a totally different bill."


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