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Wednesday, 15 March 2017 16:54

Wyoming Supreme Court warns anti-gay judge

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judge ruth neely




Wyoming Supreme Court warned a judge after intolerable statements about homosexuality and marriage equality.

The court, by a 3-2 vote, told Pinedale Judge Ruth Neely that she was violating the state's code of conduct.

"This case is … not about imposing a religious test on judges," Justice Kate Fox wrote. "Rather, it is about maintaining the public’s faith in an independent and impartial judiciary that conducts its judicial functions according to the rule of law, independent of outside influences, including religion, and without regard to whether a law is popular or unpopular."

"Judge Neely shall either perform no marriage ceremonies or she shall perform marriage ceremonies regardless of the couple’s sexual orientation."

In fact, Judge Neely asserts that celebrating a same-sex marriage would go against her religious beliefs. She thinks homosexuality a sin. In a letter to the Wyoming judicial ethics commission, she even compared homosexuality to alcoholism.

As a result, the Commission suspended her from her duties. It said she violated the judicial conduct code and transmitted her case to the Supreme Court of the State, which had just warned her.


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