Friday, 28 February 2014 17:34

Announcing A New Lesbian-Themed Web Series: Straight Up Gay

Written by  Straight Up Gay


New lesbian-themed web comedy, Straight Up Gay, is announcing the launch of its first season.

Straight Up Gay is a new web comedy about a lesbian and her straight male best friend and their experiences dating women (gay, straight, and everywhere in between) in New York City.

Straight Up Gay offers a comedic response to the practices of single twenty-somethings, while focusing on the experience of dating women, specifically, from both a straight male and a gay female perspective.

Straight Up Gay aims to increase visibility for lesbian characters by subverting stereotypes and gender roles. Although LGBTQ issues have come to the forefront of the collective national consciousness, Straight Up Gay’s creators see limitations and aim to address them through comedy.

"The positive depiction of gay characters in media has a lot to do with the new image of 'gay.' It’s no longer scary, or off-putting," says Straight Up Gay’s writer and producer, Alison Levering Wong, noting the popularity of shows like 'Glee' and 'Modern Family', all of which prominently feature LGBTQ characters.

However, she notes that the representation of the LGBTQ community could be more well-rounded, adding, "The other letters in the LGBTQ conversation have been a bit sidelined. Besides 'Pretty Little Liars' or 'The Fosters', there have not been too many approachable, relatable stories on TV that focus on lesbian relationships. As happy as we all are for gay men, the L, the B, the T and the Q's have some funny and interesting stuff going on, too."

Straight Up Gay features characters that are a variety of sexual orientations, trans characters and cis-gendered straight men and women. It aims to show underrepresented sides of the LGBTQ spectrum, with a primary focus on lesbian relationships, using the approachability of comedy.

"What Will & Grace did for gay men ten years ago is what Straight Up Gay wants to do for lesbians," writes Curve Magazine, the nation’s leading lesbian publication. Curve adds that Straight Up Gay aims to "increase visibility [for lesbians], while offering a lighthearted look at our lives and inviting us to take the chance to laugh at ourselves."

Straight Up Gay is the product of Alison Levering Wong and Brenden Gallagher, two New York-based writers who met while writing for the TV show Late Night Republic. They won awards for their work on the web series Crisis PR (2011), including "Best Writing" and "Best Comedy" at the LA WebFest. Straight Up Gay is their most recent collaboration, and they are excited to have completed a project that is such a representation of their real lives.

The episodes of Straight Up Gay features members of New York City’s queer performance community, including Drae Campbell (Miss Lez 2010) and Lea Robinson (Dapper Q's "He Said/We Said"). Local comedy talents are also involved, including Molly Lloyd from UCB, and Justine Salata from 'Inside Amy Schumer' and 'Orange Is The New Black'.


Twitter: @straight_up_Gay