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Tuesday, 03 July 2018 22:14

Discover the new queer comedy "Kait & Nic"

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kait nic series


Here is a new queer web series entitled "Kait & Nic".

"Kait & Nic" is a comedy that was written by Kaitlyn Krieg and Nicole Lee, who also play the two main characters. With this series, both wanted to fill some gaps in queer women's representation. And all queer characters in the series are played by queer women.

"Kait & Nic" tells the story of two best friends living in New York. Kait is a lesbian and her mental health prevents her from talking to girls. She fights her depression and anxiety and tries to gain more confidence in her love life.

As for Nic, she's a bisexual woman of color with an original personality as you will see in the trailer and the first episode below.

Accompanied by their two straight friends (Talia Page and Emily Johnson), you can follow Kait & Nic in their attempt to find love on the Youtube channel of the web series:


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