Tuesday, 11 June 2013 18:39

Easy Abby: From Season 1 To Season 2

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Season 1 of Easy Abby ends and will make way soon to a season 2 with an Abby always very busy to seduce.

This lesbian web series is written and directed by Wendy Jo Carlton who was rewarded on several occasions for her short films at festivals like Sundance and who recently won an award for her film "Jamie and Jessie are Not Together" (JamieandJessie.com).

Lisa Cordileone, who took part in many plays in Chicago, wonderfully performs Abby, 30, as sexy as awkward, who tries as she can to manage her anxiety attacks. 

All the episodes of the first season are available on the web series' site: easyabby.com

Now, one can only wait the next season. Carlton share with us that this new season was already written, that a funding would be probably organized to help to finance the shooting which should then begin in Chicago in early Fall. 

Little scoop for season 2: apparently, we will meet Abby's bipolar mom. I can't wait to watch that!