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Monday, 28 October 2013 15:57

Filmmaker Rolla Selbak Releases Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Video For Upcoming Season 2 Of 'Kiss Her I'm Famous'

Written by  Mona Elyafi

kiss her im famous behind scenes


Filmmaker Rolla Selbak just revealed a special behind-the-scenes video for the upcoming season 2 of "Kiss Her I'm Famous". Narrated by Selbak, this exclusive video features special interviews with the cast and crew -old and new - as well as never-seen-before footage.

A sneak peek at the making of Season 2, Selbak takes us deep into production and shows us what enfolded on the set. A few surprises are unveiled including the addition of actress Noureen DeWulf who is best known for her role as sexy therapy patient Lacey in Charlie Sheen’s hit TV comedy, Anger Management.

DeWulf's character is definitely a troublemaker! She's described in the show as an evil disney princess. She's the grower of her own Kombucha and somewhat of a hilarious anomaly. Catch her on the video in her trademark silk robe!

Watch the video here:

Kiss her I'm famous is the new comedy that has made a name for itself on cyberspace during their initial season 1.

The first season of the show premiered this year to great success, with the trailer alone reaching 1 MILLION+ combined views on YouTube in less than a week!

Created and directed by San Francisco based award-winning filmmaker Rolla Selbak, the show is based on two hilarious and clueless characters played by The Real L-Word’s Tracy Ryerson and Ilea Matthews (The Violent Kind), who aim to create a celebrity sex tape to launch them into fame. "Kiss Her I'm Famous" satirizes the booming business of the sex tape madness, and how celebrity wannabes utilizes their home movies as a ticket to greater stardom and a major payday.

Selbak just wrapped the filming of the season 2 in Los Angeles and is now launching an IndieGogo Crowdfunding campaign for reimbursement of locations and equipment:

"I know you guys are probably sick of hearing about yet another artist raising funds for a project, but here's where mine's different. I've actually shot Season 2, and am editing right now. I am not looking to make a profit. All I am humbly asking for is a specific amount towards reimbursement of locations and equipment," confesses Selbak.

The series returns on cyberspace in January 2014 on, and will feature a total of 7 episodes.


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