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Thursday, 10 March 2016 01:00

Gaycation: Exploring The LGBTQ Community With Ellen Page And Ian Daniel

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Out actress Ellen Page and her friend Ian Daniel went to meet the LGBTQ community around the world and shared their experiences in a series entitled "Gaycation" which is now available.

"Gaycation" currently comprises four episodes. In the first episode, Ellen and Ian go to meet the LGBT community in Japan. We also discover Jamaica and Brazil in other episodes.

Do not expect a tourist visit. Ellen and Ian are genuinely there to show us the reality of the community in these countries, both positive and negative.

In another episode that takes place in the US, they also wanted to show that there are also negative things happening right next to us. This episode is to show that even the USA, where there are nevertheless quite some rights for the LGBT community, there still exist inequality, intolerance and violence.

This episode also includes the altercation between Ellen and the Republican Ted Cruz (for more, see our article here:

The series also highlights the gender clichés: an effeminate man is automatically gay, ….

For those of you who are bisexual, you'll probably be a little sad that Ellen and Ian do not tell your story, but know that Ellen and Ian have simply told the stories they first heard about during their travel. They also said that there are currently only four episodes, but the series does not end here and there are still many more stories to tell.

I propose you therefore to plunge in the Japanese LGBTQ culture throughout the first episode of "Gaycation" along with Ellen Page and Ian Daniel:


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