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Thursday, 10 March 2011 02:45

Generation L: The New Lesbian Reality Web Series + Its First Episode

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«Generation L» is the new series, which has just started on the web. In the form of reality TV, we follow a group of friends for Mardi Gras in Sydney.

This is currently a little fashion to a create a lesbian reality series. After Ilene Chaiken and «The Real L Word», here «Generation L», a super-interesting Australian series that promises good times.

The peculiarity of «Generation L» is that there is no script, no fiction, so we feel more reality in the way the story is shown.

This new series is described as a show «that brought you into the life and room for a new generation of lesbians.» Not bad, isn't it?

«Generation L» follows a group of friends (true friends), followed by a camera during the Gay Mardi Gras Parade in Sydney.

So who are these girls?

There is Renee, the dater one who likes to have fun; Yas, the pro make-up and femme one; Kate, who likes to «convert» straight girls; Prue, the happy single person; ...

I let you discover them with this video:

The web series was created in partnership with Freehand Productions, a company that produces programs for television. Although currently it is only available on the Internet (the first episodes were posted online last week), «Generation L» could be developed into a television series if it created a buzz on the web.

(Update 07/12/2017 - Sorry the videos of Generation L have been removed)

We will broadcast every episode of «Generation L» on Lezbelib, stay tuned!!!


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