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Tuesday, 28 August 2012 01:43

Lesbian Web Series: "The Throwaways"

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The Throwaways


Produced by Tello, a new lesbian web series, "The Throwaways", was launched on August 23. Personally, after watching the trailer, I just wanted to do one thing: to watch the 10 episodes of this new project on youth American rejected by her family because of their sexuality but who try to find their place in the world.

Episode One Still Olivia and Mom

Ashley Andersen, Kate Black-Spence, Molly Pan, Fawzia Mirza, Mia Jones and as a guest star Bridget McManus plays the lead roles in this full of freshness series written and directed by Jessica King, Julie Keck and Christin Mell.

"The Throwaways" tells the story of a teenage girl, Olivia, who suddenly loses her family, her home, and her future but who is struggling to get by.

Episode 1 starts the story. It shows Olivia studying with her best friend. You soon realize that they are too close to be just friends. A few minutes later, Olivia's mother catches them kissing.

Follows a dispute between Olivia and her mother. The latter implies that her daughter be cured. She decided to send her to an "anti-gay treatment camp" and even tears of her daughter who begs her did not change her mind.

Olivia then goes to her room to prepare her bag but to a destination other than the camp: the street. She will be assisted by a group of lesbians who also tries to get by as best they can.

Episode SIX Diner

From Episode six to episode ten, one is drawn to the characters and their stories. After the third episode, too late, you're addicted!

Challenging? Life without her family will be very hard. Olivia will be amused by the novelty, but soon frightened by its brutality, while remaining hopeful, and then there will be that girl, of course.

One is quickly impressed by the quality of the story, dialogues and actresses who juggle between sadness, naivete, hardness, hope, fun with ease that makes this series one of the most attractive lesbian web series.

"The Throwaways" is just the web series not to be missed.

Watch the trailer:

Watch The Throwaways on Tello


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