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Sunday, 29 January 2012 01:17

Lezbelib Interview With Girl/Girl Scene Creator Tucky Williams

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Girl/Girl Scene tells the story of a group of lesbian friends: Evan, the lady-killer; Maxine, the femme fatale; Jessie described as the kind of girl you definitely don’t want to make angry and her best friend Elliott, a FTM who is secretely in love with her. I was surprised by the quality of this series which won the Best Original Screenplay at the 2010 World Independent Film Expo but how do you want to resist to a webseries full of hot ladies, relationships, dramas,...?

Wishing to know more about it, here my interview with Tucky Williams who plays Evan and who is also Girl/Girl Scene's creator, writer and executive producer.

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Lezbelib: The first question we ask ourself is what Girl/Girl Scene is about and how is it different compared to the other lesbian webseries?

Tucky: Girl/Girl Scene is a celebratory exploration of life as a 20-something lesbian.  It was inspired by shows like Queer as Folk, Nurse Jackie, and Seinfeld in that the material is brazenly unapologetic. There are no lessons learned; no hugging and making right.

Lezbelib: How did you have the idea of writing it?

Tucky: I wanted to see a show that depicted what life was like for me and my friends.  There wasn’t anything like that out there, so I decided to make it. I found a great group of people to work with and we made it happen.

Lezbelib: I read you did not have any budget and yet we have a series of quality with episodes of approximately 40 minutes compared with other series with a budget and which proposes very short episodes, how do you do for the shooting, the cast,...?

Tucky: The first season was very difficult to make. We were filming whenever we could get everybody together.  It was through great determination that season one was completed. But it was well worth it to see the finished product. I’m proud of everyone involved.

Lezbelib: The cast is varied enough, in the story there is a soft butch lesbian, some others are more femme and there is also a FTM, was it a wish for you to have a certain variety in the cast?

Tucky: There were two things I wanted to show: what I was seeing in the real world; and the loves and relationships that I wanted to be having. I figured that if I wanted to see these things – like a boyish-girl with a girly-girl – then others would want that as well.

Lezbelib: The final episode of the first season is now online and inevitably the question we ask ourself: will there be a second season and if yes, when we will be able to watch its first episode?

Tucky: We’re already in pre-production on the second season. Keep in mind the show has to go into production, and then into post. We’ll get it out as fast as we can. In the meantime, I’ll keep the fans up to date with stills from the set and behind the scenes photos and videos.

Lezbelib: A last word for our readers

Tucky: Season Two will be awesome! The show will have a brand new look, and bring even flashier and trashier lesbian fun

In short, if you to seek to watch an authentic and refreshing webseries with scenarios of quality, a touch of humor and of provocation, Girl/Girl Scene is the webseries that you need.

You can watch the episodes of the first season on the website: and follow the cast on Facebook (Girl/Girl Scene).


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