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Friday, 26 October 2018 00:01

New fantasy thriller web series "Jade of Death"!

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jade of death


Here is a new fantasy thriller web series entitled Jade of Death.

Written and directed by Erin Good, Jade of Death follows a young woman named Jade who has a powerful ability as she can hear when and how people die. She ran away from her hometown and gets by working at a seedy freak show carnival as the “Fortune-Teller of Death”, but now people are after her. There’s more to her past than she lets on, and more to her abilities than she knows.

“She’s a character who has run away from her past and wants to run away from herself. Jade desperately wants to be a good person, but she thinks that’s she’s bad and so she’s always kind of punishing herself,” says Good.

Here's the trailer for the first season of Jade of Death that you can watch on One More Lesbian's YouTube channel. A new episode is available every Tuesday at 12 pm PST.

The crew is working on a second season with ABC and Screen Australia.


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