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Saturday, 17 December 2016 01:06

New Lesbian Web Series: "Notas Aparte"

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"Notas Aparte" is a new lesbian web series from Spain that aims to help young people to embrace their sexuality.

Composed of 7 episodes of 5 to 10 minutes, "Notas Aparte" follows the adventures of Sara, a shy, naive young student who is still in the closet. In order to pass her exams to go to university, her mother Helena decides to hire Asha, a special teacher of History of Art. Asha very quickly says she is lesbian and Sara starts to discover her own identity, thanks to the instruction of her new teacher.

Here is the trailer of the series which is in Spanish but translated into English. Anna, the producer of "Notas Aparte", told me the series was made with the idea of helping embrace your sexuality in a fun way.

"There's so much drama in the media, and we thought it was about time there was some lesbian content with a feel-good vibe. That's why we offered our email address for anybody who wants to express their feelings (it could be about the series, about their coming out story, their relationship... anything that might help them)," she said.

I invite you to watch the first episode of "Notas Aparte", the whole of Season 1 being available on YouTube right here: Notas Aparte's YouTube channel

For more information on the series, follow "Notas Aparte" on Twitter, Instagram and TumblrTumblr.


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