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Friday, 15 December 2017 01:51

"Pot Luck" is back for a second season!

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1.Mel Nikki Siulepa Debs Anji Kreft Beth Tess Jami


Queer web series "Pot Luck" is back for a second season with a lot of changes and evolution for the characters.

The one that was the first queer web series from New Zealand is back with new episodes.

No more meetings around a dinner, this time the series is evolving. Debs (Anji Kreft), Beth (Tess Jamieson-Karaha) and Mel (Nikki Si'ulepa) will navigate the highs and lows of life, love, and maintain their friendships:

  • After years flying solo, Debs is working out how to trust in a relationship again.
  • Beth is wrapped up in her romance with Anna while her Mum Eileen's health is deteriorating fas.t
  • Mel is left wondering what to do when her friends have moved on without her.

There are also new characters who make their appearance during this season.

The series evolves but you will find what made the popularity of the series. "Pot Luck" is still fresh, fun and occasionally ridiculous. In short, we love it!

"The response to season one has been overwhelmingly positive," says writer/director Ness Simons, "and it's been such a great opportunity to continue with these characters and their stories."

The first season was a huge success, accumulating more than 2.5 million unique views.

I invite you to discover the trailer for this new season. Season 2 and season 1, if you missed it, are on the YouTube channel of "Pot Luck":


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