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Tuesday, 24 February 2015 16:21

Tello Films Launches Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign To Produce Season 2 Of Nikki & Nora

Written by  tello Films' PR

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As fans clearly don’t want to let go of the hugely popular crime fighting lesbian couple in America’s oldest party town, tello films, Nancylee Myatt and the cast of NIKKI & NORA have launched a fundraising campaign to bring Season 2 to computer screens around the world.

Nikki And Nora

Fans can give their pledge at:

The campaign will be running until mid-March and is expected to break its previous record. The fundraising campaign for Nikki & Nora Season One was indeed the largest funded campaign for a series with lesbian lead characters, raising $65,00, surpassing their goal by 30%.

Nikki & Nora follows New Orleans locals Nikki Beaumont (Liz Vassey) and Nora Delaney (Christina Cox), former NOPD cops turned private investigators in the Big Easy post Katrina. They navigate the channels of their personal life together alongside their dedication to uncovering the truth in the one city that really likes to keep its secrets. The original lead actresses are joined by a super cast of other familiar faces including Janina Gavankar (best known as «Papi» on Showtime’s The L Word) and Aasha Davis (Pariah, South of Nowhere), among others.

Originally created in 2004 for the now defunct UPN network, the series would revolve around two professional and romantic female partners who worked for the Special Crimes Unit of the New Orleans Police Department. UPN passed on the show, but the unaired episode didn’t die and instead made its way to YouTube.

The show became a critical online smash and somewhat of an internet phenomenon - a juggernaut of watercooler talk that ran rampant over social media and some of today’s major online trendspotters. While the pilot accumulated dust on a shelf for 9 years, with loyal fans keeping their love thriving through fan-fiction sites, Nikki & Nora was at last reborn as a web series.

Now, in the Netflix and overall online tradition, fans can boot up their computers, grab a bowl of popcorn, laissez les bon temps rouler (let the good times roll) and enjoy a binge-watching marathon of «N&N» indulging in seven glorious episodes all at once on


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