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Friday, 14 April 2017 22:59

The Brazilian series "Red" is back for a third season

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red season 3


Contacted by the team of "Red" for the release of the first season, we then shared our growing interest for this first Brazilian lesbian series. Today, it is back for a third season still as sexy as previous ones.

Written by Viv Schiller and Germana Belo, "Red" follows the story of two actresses, Liz and Mel, played by Ana Paula Lima and Luciana Bollima, who meet during the shooting of a short-film. What is at first only a professional relationship ends up transforming into a true passion.

While the previous seasons had only eight eight-minute episodes,  ten episodes of nine to ten minutes each make up season three.

If you don't know the series "Red" yet I invite you to discover it. There is at the same time a quality in the writing, in the direction, and in the interpretation. This love story between Liz and Mel is beautifully transcribed by both actresses.

The complete series is available on Vimeo with subtitles in English and Spanish:


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