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Monday, 31 August 2015 16:38

The Producer/Host Of The Award-Winning Radio Show/Podcast "This Show Is So Gay" Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Fund "The Bully Pulpit"

Written by  Ken's PR

 The Bully Pulpit

Dr. Ken Schneck, the producer/host of the award-winning, long-running radio show/podcast «This Show is So Gay» and featured columnist in The Huffington Post has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a web-series entitled «The Bully Pulpit».

the bully pulpit screen

With reports on school bullying ever-present in the news, «The Bully Pulpit» offers a healthy spin by giving individuals and their bullies an opportunity to sit down over a cup of tea to talk about their shared recollection. It’s not an ambush. It’s not a confrontation. It’s an opportunity to move forward, a chance for some closure and the very real possibility of catharsis.

This fundraising campaign kicked off on August 17 and will run until September 30.

«The Bully Pulpit» will be six 10-12 minute webisodes currently in pre-production and will be helmed by Johnny Wu, a multiple Telly Award-winning director. All the episodes will be available to stream for free on YouTube.

This project grew out of an episode of «This Show is So Gay» in which Ken Schneck sought out his own high school bullies in an attempt to have a conversation with them on the air about their actions 20 years ago.

«I have had the incredible opportunity to speak with Governors and Presidential Candidates and Indigo Girls on the show, and I was able to be calm, cool and collected» Schneck said. «But even the possibility of speaking with those two bullies who spit on my car and called me anti-gay names every day for years? I was completely freaked out!»

Although Schneck wasn’t initially successful in his attempts to book his bullies, he spoke of the process on the radio show and the response was overwhelming.

«I was flooded with e-mails and social media posts from all over the country,» Schneck said. «I had clearly hit a nerve. There are people out there, both individuals who were bullied and bullies themselves, who desperately want the opportunity to sit down with each other and just talk.»

This Kickstarter campaign has already drawn the attention and financial support of many award-winning filmmakers and the buzz around the project is growing dramatically.

«We all want that chance to go back, ask questions and explain ourselves,» Schneck said. ««The Bully Pulpit» is designed to give everyone that opportunity.»

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