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Wednesday, 29 May 2019 23:15

Watch a first teaser from new LGBTQ web series REVERSIBLE!

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The team that achieves a huge success with web series Notas Aparte, which reached 6 million views on YouTube, returns with a new project titled REVERSIBLE.

REVERSIBLE wishes to talk about the LGBTQ community and reflect the feelings of a person at the beginning of their transition, but through a comedy and not a drama. With this new web series, the goal is to portray trans identity and homosexuality in a fun and non-dramatic way, unlike many other series.

reversible web series didac


REVERSIBLE tells the story of Didac, 24, who grew up under the identity of Laura in a Catalan city, a region in the East of Spain.

He discovered from an early age he loved girls and all his life, his tastes and hobbies were related to the male gender.

When he moved to Barcelona, the Spanish capital, to become independent and to pursue studies of English philosophy, he began to change his life and to introduce himself as a man.

And even if he doesn’t dare to confront the real world, in front of others he covers his deepest feelings with humor.

He lives with his roommates and best friend, Bea, who is the only one aware of his identity. Bea is a 21-year-old lesbian and pharmacy student who enjoys defending the rights of LGBTQ people and women.

reversible web series bea


She became independent because she was tired of her family constantly controlling her movements and she will try so hard to help her friend during this initial phase of transition with fun parties.

Finally, there is Andrea, Bea’s classmate. This 21-year-old women still lives with her parents with whom she has a good relationship.

reversible web series andrea


When Didac and Andrea meet, the situation takes an unexpected turn.

On the one hand, the attraction of Didac for Andrea will highlight the awkwardness of Didac towards girls and he will gradually experiment with changes towards the acceptance of his new identity.

For her part, Andrea is attracted to this person who has not grown up in the same world and who is pushing her to let go.

The series already seems very interesting. The team really strives to create a closeness and a natural link between the characters and us the audience.

Produced by Laura Gracia, the REVERSIBLE web series will be directed by Ona Ballester Isart and was written by Alba Gullen, who has been several times awarded for her lesbian series Notas Aparte.

REVERSIBLE will consist of 7 episodes from 12 to 15 minutes. The series is currently being produced, but here is an exclusive first excerpt from this new LGBTQ web series coming soon:

The series is to follow on Instagram.


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