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Watch The Pilot Of The New Lesbian Web Series "Out"

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Created by Emmalie El Fadli and directed by Cora Shaye Pope, «Out» is a new web series that follows Sammy (Jessica Arden) and her future potential girlfriend Jenny (Megan Simpson) while addressing important LGBT issues such as homophobia in school and coming out.

Sammy is a lesbian who thinks she's living out without actually be. Her meeting with Jenny will change her world view, she will suddenly realize that she is probably not the only gay person in her school. Sammy sets herself the mission of becoming the first one to be «out and proud» about her sexuality in her school and transform it so that it becomes LGBT-friendly.

«Out» is a series that takes its originality from the way it addresses important issues faced by LGBT youth. It hopes to change the lives of some gay teenagers who still struggle to be comfortable with their homosexuality.

«What I’m hoping to achieve is to bring awareness. There have been a lot of LGBT issues recently, and even though things are going in the right direction, I feel that they have backtracked a bit. I feel that this is a really good time for «Out» to come out – no pun intended!» creator, producer and editor Emmalie El Fadli said.

«My dream is that one day being gay will be so normalised that there will be no NEED to «come out», but until that day, series like «Out» are important. If we can change the life of even one person, that’s what counts,» director Cora Shaye Pope added.

Discover now «Out» watching the pilot of the series below:

«I think the series is going to achieve and attract a completely new, fresh vibe off its audience which is going to be infectious to others!», actress Megan Simpson (Jenny) said.

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If you liked the pilot, know that the rest of the series is coming soon, the team is currently working on it.