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Monday, 02 February 2015 16:01

A 18-Year-Old Bisexual Girl Wants Support For LGBT Youth In Foster Care

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emma willoughby



Emma Willoughby would like the foster carers are better trained to care for LGBT youth.

The campaign «Fixers» puts youth in light and gives them a voice. It is through this campaign we heard about Emma, a young bisexual who grew up in foster care and regrets the lack of training of foster parents. She herself has struggled to deal with her sexuality with conservative relatives:

«One of my foster care placements I was very fond of the people I lived with but I found they were very traditional, and I felt I couldn’t talk to them about my sexuality,» she says.

«As this time I was dating a girl and I felt I couldn’t take them home because I was afraid of being found out and it just made me feel I was living two different lives not being able to live the one life that I really wanted to.»

Emma has created a booklet of suggestions and she is expected to hold workshops with new foster carers in Somerset Foster Team. A great initiative that we wanted to share.

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