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Are You Ready To Pee Standing Up?

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How many times have you been in a situation where you would have liked to know how to pee standing up?
We all have this question at least once in our lives, but women continue to grow up thinking that they cannot pee like men. This is wrong!

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation that prevents us from peeing or transferring some discomfort by lack of privacy.

Now imagine that you can pee standing up. Pretty cool, isn't it?

 Thanks to Stacy Kwan, an expert in teaching women the chance to pee standing, and «Stand2Pee Instructional DVD for Women», you can learn how to stand up to pee without the help of funnels or urinary devices like this:


(The ShenisShenis: 12 "long!)

In the DVD, we follow two women eager to learn to pee standing with various phases in order to understand how it works and to improve your technique. In the end, we can even go pee in a urinal!

stand2pee urinal

If you are interested in learning this technique, don't hesitate to buy the DVD or video by the site I tested and I can tell you that it's more relaxing to know the technique.


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