Thursday, 23 June 2011 02:16

Exploring Gender: Binder Review

Written by  Cael


I have written about binding and certain websites where binders can be obtained, but I would like to rate some of them, share my information with those of you out there who would like to know. I have gotten binders from two separate websites: and I have previously spoken about the binders I have used from T Kingdom, so it’s Underworks’  turn, keeping in mind there are two main things you look for in a binder: comfort and binding effectiveness.

The first one I received from Underworks was the “Cotton Concealer Muscle Shirt.” This one has a build in tight binding layer on the inside and a cotton layer of material on the outside, allowing it to look like a regular shirt. This decision by the manufacturer allows you to wear the binder like it is an actual shirt, which is a real plus because for the most part, binding includes layering. Even in this hot weather, sometimes I am wearing three or four layers. Binders make us feel more comfortable with ourselves, but sometimes not so comfortable overall. This idea is a much better solution. The binding of this particular shirt, though, leaves something to be desired. It stretches out a little too easily, and I have to make sure to put it in the dryer on hot to make sure it gets back into its original shape. This issue could probably be addressed by going for the size below the one they recommend for me on the site, but it is definitely something to be aware of when you begin to consider this binder.

The second binder, considering it is summer, was the “Concealer Chest Binding Compression Swimsuit.” This is the perfect solution for you guys out there who just don’t know what to do over the summer when you are headed to the beach or the pool. Websites recommend different things, from wearing a binder and a loose shirt or just to saying you are out of luck. I got the “Swim Tank” and wore it with my trunks, and it was wonderful. I have no complaint about the binding aspect, but I do want to discuss comfort. First, it is extremely hard to get on. I know some binders are like that, but this is the first I encountered. Because I have a bad right shoulder, I sometimes had to get creative to get it on properly. Second, the binding portion, which is attached on the inside much like I described in the first binder, is an awkward length, extending almost to the belly button. This length makes it uncomfortable and slightly harder to pass. In order to look and feel more seamless, the binding material should either stop a little higher or go down all the way, the latter being preferable in my opinion.

I hope these two little reviews have helped. If anyone has anything to add on these products or others, please tell us in the comments. It is always good to know which products to get and which to avoid.


Update on September 19, 2018: Please note that Underworks has removed its FTM category and ask us to remove their link from our website.