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Wednesday, 01 December 2010 15:52

Exploring Gender: The Art of Binding

Written by  Cael

So binding. It’s one of those things, a necessity for some of us. For me, unfortunately. It gets physically uncomfortable, but I feel so much better about myself when I do it. There are many different ways, some more comfortable than others. I’ll relate them all, ones I have tried and haven’t. So here we go.

Let’s see. The basics. No matter what the method, always make sure to position your breast up and to the outside. This positioning will create the best illusion of pecs. Make sure always to wear a sports bra or some sort of undershirt to avoid chafing. I tend to use compression wear because it is easy to find and will help to flatten your breasts before binding. It’s also wonderful during the winter to help keep you warm.

Compression wear itself can be used as a binder. The more layers, the more convincing. It really depends on what size breasts you have. If they are smaller, this is a very simple method. You can even get cheap compression wear at WalMart, in long or short sleeve or even muscle shirts, which I prefer. They do not last as long as Underarmour, but I believe it costs less over time to go with WalMart. Make sure to get the smallest size into which you can fit. The smaller the size, the better binding you will have. If you are rather thin, you might have to go down into boy’s sizes to find the same effect.

Most people who start out binding do something simple like grab an ace bandage. That’s hard to do though. You have to have assistance to make it work. A friend would always wrap me. You have to be careful because ace bandages are used to wrap and support knees and wrists. They are made to limit movement, which is alright for making sure your breasts aren’t bouncing around, but your lungs are also under there. If you wrap too tight, you can have trouble breathing, and it tends to rub, even through your undergarment. If you want to try binding, just to see how you like it, and how it makes you feel, you should use either one of the aforementioned methods.

For those of you interested in everyday binding, in making it a part of your life, you will need a binding system. My binders are from T-Kingdom which can be found online. They offer many different models, all designed for different types of people. But these binders are designed specifically for FTM individuals. Most breast binders you will find will be post-surgical for those having suffered from breast cancer. I cannot vouch for the effectiveness of those products, but I have had very good experiences with T-Kingdom.

I bind with a compression shirt followed by T-Kingdom’s M801, and I love it. It makes me feel more natural, though it is a hassle sometimes. If it is something which makes you feel more secure in yourself, you should definitely invest in a specific binder. Experiment. see what works for you. People enjoy different methods. The important thing is to find what makes you comfortable and go with it. I have, and I feel much better about myself and my body.

Next week. Well, I haven’t decided on next week yet. It’s the end of the semester here, and I’m just trying to keep up, but I will post something next Wednesday. Until then.

WalMart compression wear:

Underarmour: mens+compression



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