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Wednesday, 04 February 2015 22:51

The UK MPs Approve The Creation Of A Baby By Two Women And One Man

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A first took place in the UK perhaps leading us into a new era.

Indeed, the MPs approved the creation of babies with DNA after three people: two women and one man.

By a 382-128 vote, the House voted in favor of this law that currently is used only in the case of transmission of a genetic disease from mother to child.

The House of Lords will also vote on the legislation next month.

This three-person in vitro fertilization will allow to replace the DNA of a mother carrier of a genetic disease through DNA of another woman. This will avoid great suffering, especially for children who live only a short time and tremendously suffer.

Of course, one cannot help thinking about the future. And if two women could finally have a child who would receive a small portion of each mother....


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