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Thursday, 04 April 2013 19:12

"Vaccines Make People Gay"

Written by 

gian paolo vanoli

After water, here straightforwardly the vaccine which makes people gay!

Matteo Lenardon, an Italian journalist, met Gian Paolo Vanoli whom he describes as being an infamous man known in the scientific online world for his theories of "alternate medicine" on his personal website and followed by people who do not believe "in the official medicine".

It seems, according to the article of Lenardonthe article of Lenardon, that Vanoli says he is a big expert in vaccines and tells they bring diseases instead of curing or protecting you.

He talks in particular about autism as the most frequent result caused by vaccines and he also quotes homosexuality.

Vanoli explains why "when the vaccine is introduced into the child, this then grows and seeks to find his/her personality, and then they are introduced into the brain and make people gay.

The problem will be especially felt with the next generations, because when we have homosexuals who have babies, those will carry the same DNA of the relative. Because homosexuality is a disease, even if OMS decided that it is not. We don't care! Reality is that it is a disease.

Each vaccination produces homosexuality, because it prevented the formation of the personality. It is a microform of autism. We will see how much homosexuals there will be in the next generations, it will be a disaster."

A thing is sure, this man is just crazy!


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