Monday, 03 October 2011 18:16

It's Lezbelib First Birthday!!!

Written by  Lezbelib


It's our first birthday !!! Lezbelib started one year ago already and what a year!

You are all amazing!

We grow up as we never expected.

We started from 0 this project and, after a month, we had already 1, 100 unique visitors who enjoyed Lezbelib with 15, 000 page viewed and now you are more than 14, 000 unique visitors and 58, 000 page views and that's just a start.

In less than a year, we enter in the Top 50, then in the Top 40, now we are number 33 of lesbian and LGBT magazines in the world!

What a year!

We live through bad and good news together.

We worried about Kenyans when their Prime Minister called for LGBTQ arrest, we supported a lesbian couple from New Zealand when they lost their business burned by homophobes, we supported lesbians discriminated.

But we also live through good news ! Remember when New-York passed gay marriage, or when, there are a few days, DADT was repealed. More and more US states and countries allow gay marriage and protect against discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.

Who knows what will happen during the next months... We want the repeal of DOMA, we want gay marriage in France, we want more LGBTQ rights in Africa and Asia and actually everywhere in the world.

Then we explored the gender under various aspects by comparing it with sexual orientation, by evoking its social construction. Cael also spoke to us about him and of his personal experience, you in particular adored the very beautiful letter of his mother.

We spoke about love and relationships, you asked Cathy for advices on long-term relationships or on the gaydar. We discovered books and their authors, praticed yoga, listened good music,...

Don't worry, Lezbelib is not over, we are simply ready for a new year!!!

Let's surf!

We worked on the design,

Lezbelib version 1

Lezbelib version 2

and we will continue to work on it to bring you an attrative place where you will like to come.

Yes, this new design also means ad banners and you probably don't like this, like us, but this is a way for us to keep the site alive and develop it, so we'll have to do.

We are also working to develop the menu in order for you to browse past and future articles easily, but we will stay simple, we don't want to have 100 sub-menus.

Don't get us wrong!

Some people think we are a magazine covering only LGBTQ news with sometimes some other articles.

Currently, because of our limited ressources, news are a big part of the mag but we are not limited to this. We enjoy to keep you inform and will continue but we also want to write more about art and entertainment, music, fashion, … our goal is to propose you a magazine full of topics because this is important to bring women visibility in this world!

We love you!

We just want to thank you for your comments and we hope to have more and more discussions with you so don't be shy and comment.

Thanks for your love, for your support and for all your lovely messages each month.

More we have readers, more we can develop the website and more we can bring you awesome things so share us, talk about us and enjoy!!!

- Team Lezbelib