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Tuesday, 17 December 2013 00:53

Lady Gaga, French Leaders And Vice-President of the European Commission To Boycott Sochi Winter Olympics

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The question which people start to ask, as the beginning of the Sochi Winter Olympics drew near, relates to the boycott of these Games or not because of the Russian anti-gay laws.

A few weeks ago, Lady Gaga announced that she will boycott the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia.

Today, French President François Hollande, as well as the French Minister for the Foreign Office Laurent Fabius, also said they will not attend the opening ceremony, becoming the first leaders of a country to boycott the event.

It remains to be seen whether President Holland will follow his decision through. In 2008, former French President Sarkosy had initially announced that he would not attend Olympics Games in Pekin, being opposed to the oppression of the Chinese government towards Tibetan people, and then, a few months later, he took the plane to attend the Games.

We were also expected other reactions of opposition from the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and in the rest of Europe.

Viviane Reding, Vice-President of the European Commission, announced she decided to boycott the Sochi Winter Olympics too. Being responsible for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship, she tweeted she would "certainly not go to Sochi as long as minorities are treated the way they are under the current Russian Legislation."

No news of the IOC which continues to regard sport as not having any link with politics. Yes, but you can't support a country which is opposed to Human rights and freedoms, especially when you represent the sport values which are, for example, equality and non-discrimination.

However, is it necessary to boycott the Sochi Winter Olympics?

I cannot stop me from remembering Lady Gaga walking in the American streets, doing a speech for LGBT rights and the marriage equality legalization in front of the White House, promoting LGBT rights on TV shows during her international tour. So imagine Lady Gaga going to Sochi. All the media would speak about it. She could say how hard it could be for her, a bisexual singer, if she was living in Russia, she could show her support to the Russia LGBT community.

What would be the best between boycotting the event or to be there and to have all the media, the whole world, fixed on you?


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