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Monday, 01 April 2013 05:35

Latest News: US Supreme Court, New Republican Supporter, Russian Lesbian Magazine Released, Lesbian Visibility Survey In France

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So I'm back. Sorry for the lack of news, I travelled and I did not have the possibility of connecting my computer to the US electricity and now the wifi in the hotel where I'm located in Los Angeles is just shitty. So here what we missed?

In United States, the Supreme Court began to talk about the gay marriage ban in California and the two cases challenging DOMA. Unfortunately, we will have to be patient because the judges won't make any decision before June. If the judges make a decision... because it seems they won't make one and stay neutral about a federal marriage equality.

In Ohio, Republican senator Rob Portman announced in the Columbus Dispatch that he has changed his mind and now supports same-sex marriage. He actually learned that one of his son is gay.

In Russia, in spite of the threat of an anti "LGBT" propaganda law, the Agens magazine (meaning "driving force") was published.

This lesbian magazine however can only be bought by people of more than 18 years old. The "gay" propaganda law will ban everything which is LGBT in public to protect minors so the team wanted to be sure to have the magazine available for the community even if, if the law is approved, the magazine could be banned.

Congratulations to the team and good luck! I hope this law won't be passed by the Parliament and signed by the President.

In France, the association S.O.S Homophobia launched a survey about lesbian visibility and lesbophobia. The last report was released in 2008 so it is time to update it.

If you want to participate to this survey, just follow the link and share how do you feel being a lesbian in France: Enquête s'adressant aux lesbiennes : visibilité et réaction de l'environnement


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