Tuesday, 24 May 2016 22:23

More Than A Hundred Of United Methodist Church Clergy Members Have Came Out As Lesbian, Gay Or Bisexual

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More than a hundred of United Methodist Church clergy members have come out as lesbian, gay or bisexual in anticipation of a Church conference where the new church policy was discussed.

In an open letter published online, it is not less than 111 pastors, deacons ,elders or candidates for ministry in the United Methodist Church who came out and asked that their sexual orientation or gender identity are taken into account and that the church no longer asked them to hide.

The texts of the United Methodist Church regard homosexual relationships as an "incompatible with Christian teaching."

It is true that while some gay and bisexual pastors can live their lives in a completely honest and open way while exercising their profession, others are in hiding for fear of being fired. In fact, it really depends on the state where you live. For example, the New York clergy tolerate more or less homosexual pastors and does not reprimand them unlike the clergy of Kansas.

Transgender and intersex people are not mentioned in that letter because they are not formally excluded from the United Methodist Church.

The Conference of the Church was completed in Portland, Oregon in the last few days. By a vote of 428-405, delegates decided to organize a special committee to discuss marriage equality and gay pastors.

The United Methodist Church has about 7 million members in the U.S. and 5 million in Africa. At the conference, 40% of attendees were from the African clergy so this is a battle that is committed to acquire the freedom to be who you are while practicing your faith and being part of the Church in both countries.