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Thursday, 14 March 2013 00:13

So What Does The New Pope Francis I Think About LGBT People?

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So the world has a new Pope since Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, who has chose the name of Francis I, was elected and became the 266th Pope and the first from South America. But the most important question is: what does he think about us?

At first sight, we could think that this Pope is nice. During his first speech in Rome, he appeared smiling, simple. Apparently, he used to live in an apartment in Buenos Aires having refused the splendour of his rank of cardinal, and used to be closed to poor people. Hearing this, we even start to dream of a more tolerant pope. Of course, we can't expect a pro-LGBT pope but at least with a minimum of respect towards our community.

Then, we heard he is Argentinian. Argentina became the first country of South America to legalize marriage equality a few years ago. We dream a little more.

But I would be clear, Pope Francis is certainly more smiling but he is not better than the previous pope. He already distinguished himself on several occasions by his anti-gay remarks precisely when Argentina government wanted to pass marriage for same sex couples.

Pope Benedict had said that we were going to destroy humanity, Pope Francis, as for him, thinks marriage equality will destroy God's plan as The Guardian reports:

On the Argentinian government's support for a gay marriage bill: "Let's not be naive: this isn't a simple political fight, it's an attempt to destroy God's plan," he said.

He also thinks adoption by gay and lesbian couples is a form of discrimination against children and is opposed to abortion and contraception.

Therefore, yes, Pope Francis is closed to poor people, that's good, but he is clearly far from women and LGBT people.


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