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Sunday, 11 September 2011 09:15

Suspects and Trailers

Written by  Moz



UNfortunately today I will not be able to upload a video as I am away for the weekend until Tuesday, drinking and eating pizza and whatnot. BUT!! I SHALL upload one on Wednesday in order to make up for my unforgivable behaviour :P I will STILL be giving my opinion on a few things, even if it's just in writing!! (Surely I'm not just entertaining for my face?)

I'd like to start by saying how appalled I am that two of the nine suspects involved in the murder of that lovely young lesbian girl in South Africa were released due to "lack of evidence". The case has been going on for TWO YEARS!! Don't you think that "lack of evidence" would've been found in the beginning when all of this started?? And in my opinion, if they were even suspects at all (especially for two years), they surely must've had SOMETHING to do with the whole situation??

Even if they didn't kill her themselves, I am willing to bet almost anything that they were there, cheering their peers on! I, as a South African citizen of the lesbian attire (I'm not sure if that was really applicable in that sentence, but I felt smart saying it) do NOT feel very safe walking the streets (not that i walk the streets often) knowing that there may be homophobic crazy-as-shit killers out there!! SOMETHING must be done about this insanity!!

On a slightly less murdery note, my friend Jodi and I decided to hop onto Youtube and check out the trailer for Gun Hill Road. I believe it was released sometime last week? I'm not entirely sure. But the trailer makes the movie seem AMAZING:

It hasn't been released in South Africa yet but I have been calling up all of my "Not So Legal" contacts to search the Internet like blood thirsty pirates to find me a copy of it so I can watch it ASAP!! Hopefully it has an awesome ending and not a Hollywood straight ending that'll make all catholic priests have explosions of happiness in their little brains ^^,

ALSO!! I was under the impression that Lush was this weekend BUT, since it's held at a sports bar, it seems the world cup rugby is more important than a bunch of lesbians getting together and making with the happiness. SO!! The next Lush will be held on the 17th of this month, so if you live in Cape Town, South Africa YOU SHOULD GO!! For more information you can go HERE!! And gay boyfriends are ALLOWED if permission is asked. So hop onto Facebook and send them a message and THERE YOU GO!!

Hope my little article was vaguely entertaining, and I will be gracing you all with my little gay face on Wednesday!!

Peace out mofos!!


(Also, if you'd like to add me as a friend on here, my username is Xaphesy!! Add away!! The more people I meet, the merrier I shall be!!)


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