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Thursday, 04 April 2019 01:35

The top LGBT-friendly countries in 2019. And the worst.

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spartacus gay travel index 2019 ranking


Which are the most LGBT-friendly countries in 2019? And which are the worst? The 2019 Gay Travel Index is out and shows Canada, Portugal, and Sweden are the best, far ahead of other countries like the United States.

Through its website and mobile application, Spartacus International Gay Guide, based in Berlin, Germany, provides information for LGBT travelers.

Each year, they rank nations according to specific criteria that concern the LGBTQ community like:

  • anti-discrimination laws
  • marriage equality
  • Pride parade bans
  • persecution
  • same-sex relationships sentenced by prison or death

This year, three countries are at the top of the rankings of the most LGBT-friendly countries: Canada, Portugal, and Sweden.

For Canada and Sweden, this is not a big surprise. Sweden has always been one of the most welcoming countries, and Canada has made a lot of progress in recent years.

The surprise comes more from Portugal, which ranked 27th in 2018, but thanks to new anti-discrimination laws approved last year, the country ranks now among the best.

Thirteen countries rank 4, many of them are European countries.

As for the United States, the slump continues. 34th in 2017, then 39th in 2018, now 47th because of the anti-LGBT measures taken by the Government of Trump.

The United States is found alongside countries such as Bermuda, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Macao, Seychelles, and Thailand.

Finally, the worst countries are Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Yemen since they sentence same-sex relationships by the death penalty.

And Chechnya whose Government arrests and tortures LGBT people.

The Spartacus Gay Travel Index that shows the best countries for LGBT travelers can be found here: gay-travel-index-2019

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