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Monday, 30 November 2015 20:43

U.S. LGBT Envoy Randy Berry Met With Representatives Of Pope Francis

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Randy Berry


For the first time, a meeting was held between U.S. LGBT Envoy for the Human Rights, Randy Berry, and Vatican officials.

Berry said he spoke with officials, including representatives of the Holy See’s Secretary of State office.

Since his appointment in April by President Barack Obama, Randy Berry has traveled the world going to meet religious leaders and governments to talk about LGBT rights, particularly addressing issues of violence and discrimination. It was recently for example in Uganda and also in Jamaica.
Berry took advantage of his trip across Europe to request an appointment at the Vatican.

"I wanted a chance to brief Vatican officials myself," Berry said. "These issues of violence and extreme discrimination are of concern to us all."

Don't expect concrete results, of course, there won't be any change of perspective on marriage equality by the Vatican.

"It was an important first dialogue and I hope that we will continue," Berry added. "I get to do a lot of really amazing things in this job. It was quite a positive experience."


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