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Tuesday, 04 January 2011 00:46

UK and USA Gay Marriage, Gay Publication Vandalized, "UNESCO's Plan", No More Outed Gay, Antigay App

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Hello ladies! I hope you have spent wonderful holidays! Let's see what happened during the previous days.

U.K. MP wants marriage equality, Publication boxes of a gay magazine vandalized in Vancouver, Fairfax county and its all gay bar, Apple said no again for antigay application, A bishop thinks UNESCO plans to have 50% of the world population homosexual, Rolling stone newspaper in Uganda and gay lists, The Vice-President of USA and the gay marriage.

Steve Gilbert

In U.K., a British MP (member of Parliament) openly gay, Steve Gilbert, hopes that the gay marriage will be presented in 2015.

“It was a groundbreaking moment when parliament itself was granted a licence to hold civil partnerships and when [Labour MP] Chris Bryant and his partner were the first to benefit from that," he said “However, it would have been much more groundbreaking for this house to enable full equal marriage for same-sex couples across the country – not necessarily a religious tie, unless that is what individuals and their faith groups choose, but crucially the same status and legal position as that of heterosexual married couples.”

In his answer, the Prime Minister David Cameron said that he “considers the case”.


The boxes of publication of Xtra, a gay newspaper in Vancouver, were ransacked. Gareth Kirkby, his senior officer, declared: “To me, it’s very clear it’s aimed at the gay community.”

In the street, no other boxes of publication was ransacked. According to a report, Vancouver is one of the capitals of hate-crime in Canada.


so addictive lounge

If you are living in Fairfax county's, here is a great news for you! So Addictive lounge in Herndon became the only almost full-time gay bar in Fairfax County.


anti gay iphone app

The Iphone antigay application "Manhattan Declaration" was rejected a second time by Apple.

1- Antigay Application Allowed By Apple (November 24th 2010)

2- Apple Removed The Antigay Application (November 27th 2010)

Demetrio Fernández

The Spanish church is afraid. The town hall of Barcelona evoked its intention to build a monument for persecuted community LGBT people. This monument could be built close to Sagrada Familia, which is a great symbol of the Christian church in the city. The bishop of Cordoue, Demetrio Fernández, denounced the desire of UNESCO to have 50% of the world population homosexual.

During its office of last Sunday, he informed his assistance: «The family "minister" in the Pape government, the Cardinal Antonelli, explained to me there are a few days in Saragosse that the Unesco (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) had planned for the next 20 years to ensure that half of the world population will be homosexual."

According to him, an ideology will be learned at the school: "no more births as a boy or a girl, but everyone could choose according his/her caprice, and could change his/her sex following his/her desire of the moment."

rolling stone hang them

Good news in Uganda! The newspaper Rolling Stone can't denounced anymore gay people or supposed gay people. Apparently, the newspapers used to published lists of people and already outed some of them under the title "hang them".

Joe Biden

The vice-president of the United-States, Joe Biden, thinks the gay marriage is "inevitable".

Here is the video in which he told about it (around 5'35):


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