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Thursday, 10 November 2016 00:02

"We Are Here To Stay, All Here Together, Nothing Will Stop Us"

Written by  Lezbelib

Rainbow flag


Well, last night was not easy, it turned into a real nightmare not just for the United States because, unfortunately, the extremists from other countries welcome this victory of Trump and say 'Let's do it too' and it's scary.

We will not lie, we will not say that it will be ok, we know the future for our community will be very hard, but are we going to give up and will we be silent? Certainly not.

While some people share black flags on social networks because they have a broken heart, I would just say that yesterday we're not dead. We are still here and tomorrow you and us, we'll be here again, so let's do three things:

First, we will live again some battles together, there will be bad news knowing that there will be good news too, you can be sure of that (two good news from the United-States to be published on tomorrow), so let's move forward one day at a time.

Then let's keep this map in mind that represents voters aged 18-25 and let's think of the next generation who will be there in four years. Let's continue to work together on our visibility and acceptance of the human beings that we are.

election 2016 voters 18 25

Finally, here are a few sentences of celebrities and activists I think we need to keep in mind:

"Stand up for kindness, equality, and love. Nothing will stop us." - Lady Gaga

"Keep fighting for what you believe in and know we are all here together. […] A president doesn't define a country, the people in it do. The people in a country don't define you, only you do. So be your own hero." - Ruby Rose

"Lambda Legal will hold the line when our rights are under attack. We know how to fight the government in the courts when the other branches are closed off — we did it in those dark years after 2004, and still we made progress. We will do it again now — and this time Americans know who we are and stand with us.

"We will fight back in our beautiful diversity and without compromise. We will fight back as LGBT people of color, Muslims, immigrants and refugees. […] We are here to stay." - Rachel B. Tiven, CEO of Lambda Legal, organization which fights for LGBTQ rights.

"See you tomorrow." - Lezbelib


Lezbelib is the online magazine that helps LGBTQ+ women to stay updated with entertaining blogs and breaking news about LGBT rights.